THE TRUE ADVENTURES OF WOLFBOY Trailer (2020) Jaeden Martell, Drama Movie HD

29 Th09, 2020
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THE TRUE ADVENTURES OF WOLFBOY Trailer (2020) Jaeden Martell, Sophie Giannamore Drama Movie HD
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  • buy some facking razors geeez

    Allen BowenAllen BowenNgày trước
  • air” and his life would have bee

    indridy facchiniindridy facchini4 ngày trước
  • i love jaeden

    ecologic family place from Chileecologic family place from Chile8 ngày trước
  • the $$$$scrolllss$$

    siksik25 ngày trước
  • cant even read

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  • these idiots

    siksik25 ngày trước
  • and satoshi wears no green bs

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  • what is this?

    siksik25 ngày trước
  • Boy version of The Lion Woman

    Emilio BEmilio BTháng trước
  • Hey just use Gillette 👍

    nod nodnod nodTháng trước
  • *So this is what happened to Jacob after waking up from coma huh*

    Sakidi SapupuSakidi SapupuTháng trước
  • Pre teen wolf

    buy morebuy moreTháng trước
  • Looks ok for every coming of age film

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  • Where can u see this movie bc theaters are closed.

  • Great channel! Keep up the good work. If you have a second go have a browse of my page 😁👌

    Te Family AdventuresTe Family AdventuresTháng trước
  • When will this movie be released؟

    همام مصاروههمام مصاروهTháng trước
  • Thought this was the first Jumanji

    Directors ChoiceDirectors ChoiceTháng trước
  • it’s kind of like pinocchio

    Jade Cheung-BeckerJade Cheung-BeckerTháng trước
  • arent there actual ppl in the world tht has this condition tho 👁👄👁 i thought this movie was abt tht

    emmy azlanemmy azlanTháng trước
  • Is this the sequel to that one Goosebumps episode?

    Bovine DesignsBovine DesignsTháng trước
  • What, is this a world with no shaving tools?

    Edward J FordEdward J FordTháng trước
  • See lalit patidar of india he is also facing this werewolf syndrome

    suyash singhsuyash singhTháng trước
  • *I pray who ever reads this becomes successful.*

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  • Why does this movie looks like's a copy of Bigfoot.

    thaplethapleTháng trước
  • All he needed was “Nair” and his life would have been really adventurous, getting a job, pay bills, a place to live, no hand outs, no girlfriend until you are responsible enough.. Why live a complicated life just because in reality, life itself is already complicated to live.. Now make a real movie about a mental illness health crisis we are facing and the government/media is coving up.. that’s an adventure of realism...

    Jack RipleyJack RipleyTháng trước
  • Another coming of age movie were the title might as well be the adventures of wolf boy and cat girl one hell of a twist would be if the mom cheated on the dad with a werewolf

    mann cave momentmann cave momentTháng trước
  • Oh hell naw

    Daniellle BernardesDaniellle BernardesTháng trước
  • *At this point why do I even bother* 🤦🏽‍♂️

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  • There was cats. Now there is dog.

    Asheron KariusAsheron KariusTháng trước
  • Этот фильм говно какое-то. Чуи, мы дома!

    Ярослав ЕгоровЯрослав ЕгоровTháng trước
  • Jaeden Martell is in this? He was good in "It" and "Low Tide" "The Lodge" was pretty good too!

    David Alphonse'David Alphonse'Tháng trước
    • @David Alphonse' I need Defending Jacob season 2-

      robin the waffle makerrobin the waffle makerTháng trước
    • David Alphonse' i know i get sad every time! Because I have to wait :(

      g0r3 muttg0r3 muttTháng trước
    • @g0r3 mutt I forgot about Defending Jacob....yes that is a good series. Waiting for the second season!! I like that you can sit down and binge watch but then you have to wait for the next Season!

      David Alphonse'David Alphonse'Tháng trước
    • And defending Jacob:)

      g0r3 muttg0r3 muttTháng trước
  • Just more hollywood lies that you are special because you don't fit in and all you have to do is be true to yourself and magically you will meet a weirdo just like yourself and live happily ever after..... load of shit. You will spend the rest of your life trying to come to terms that people suck, life is too short and being different is an everyday struggle of trying to keep faith that you are like the way you are for some purpose and trying not to lose your shit and go full on Joker.

    The Lizard KingThe Lizard KingTháng trước
  • Looks lame, but cool balaclava. 👍👍👍

    madár pausermadár pauserTháng trước
    • Looks Watchable , I'm up for giving it a chance 👍

      David Alphonse'David Alphonse'Tháng trước
  • Hey Bro you Late Uplode

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  • 😍

    Mar LópezMar LópezTháng trước
  • Hey bro

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  • Ok reaction coming

  • Wtf

    • The dude has a real condition, it's hypertrichosis:

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  • Ok

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  • Woof boy.

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