FINAL FANTASY XVI Official Trailer (2021) Final Fantasy 16 Game HD

16 Th09, 2020
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FINAL FANTASY XVI Official Trailer (2021) Final Fantasy 16 Game HD
© 2020 - Square Enix

  • Everyone final fantasy 7 remake part 2 Square Enix nope

    Iu IiIu Ii5 ngày trước
  • this story is the past final fantasy'15 story or the future story ?

    ChocoChoco10 ngày trước
  • Who ever casted the voice of the young boy should be fired

    Bigboss304323Bigboss30432310 ngày trước
  • Noctis chad version

    『』『』12 ngày trước
  • Il a eu un fils Noct?

    Doflamingo DonquixoteDoflamingo Donquixote12 ngày trước
  • Epic!!!

    killerofdemons669killerofdemons66912 ngày trước
  • Looks pretty bad.

    CeramicShotCeramicShot13 ngày trước
  • 2021... impossible

    Cola DeckerCola Decker14 ngày trước
  • What has ff become to omg

    vELvEL16 ngày trước
    • It envolved.

      Ashen OneAshen One15 ngày trước
  • This doesn’t really feel like final fantasy but it does at the same time

    Mike OxlongMike Oxlong16 ngày trước
  • I'll wait for reviews before I buy. I get why they want to get away from turn base but ... why is he fighting alone? With 15 there was 3, with 16, you play solo lol... whittling us down to hack and slash final fantasy lol

    J707J70716 ngày trước
  • I note they cut out ps5 exclusive .


    Nnew MoonNnew Moon18 ngày trước
  • No female playable characters AGAIN...

    João Víctor Zavelinske GumyJoão Víctor Zavelinske Gumy18 ngày trước
  • Why do people keep saying Clive looks like noctis? I don't think they resemble each other one bit

    Clint WhiteClint White19 ngày trước
  • This just makes me miss Squarsoft. Feels like Disney took over this franchise years and years ago.

    Phillip RushPhillip Rush21 ngày trước
  • so sad they are moving away from turn based mode.

    Sad BoySad Boy22 ngày trước
    • Same lol

      kitten fluffkitten fluff6 ngày trước
    • Oh boo hoo.

      Ashen OneAshen One15 ngày trước
  • That was fucking epic.

    TechgrinzTechgrinz23 ngày trước
  • Looks like an FF14 DLC that will be expanded into FFBE WOTV mobile. Its all about money these days. Seriously it is. And its sad.

    John GriffinJohn Griffin24 ngày trước
  • FF has gone away from what made me enjoy the titles haven’t played FF since FFX

    Live SCLive SC24 ngày trước
  • star ocean waw good medevil gameplay , Dante will be proud of this

    jonathan rodriguezjonathan rodriguez24 ngày trước
  • Esto ya no es final fantasy

    Arturo BelillasArturo Belillas24 ngày trước
  • This is Final Fantasy 12. Remake... Final Fantasy 12 - 14 - Type-0...

    Натия СказочницаНатия Сказочница24 ngày trước
  • FF /Game of Thrones/Lord of the Rings...ok ff9 was like thaaazzz...nevermind

    Cedric KingCedric King24 ngày trước
  • already excited for nice and fun movement!!!

    Andrej BjelicAndrej Bjelic24 ngày trước
  • Tiene pintaza eh 👌

    gabriel 99gabriel 9925 ngày trước
  • Finally something decent after those atrocities of FF12/13/15.

    Cook World ExpressCook World Express25 ngày trước
  • It's always good and cool when they go back to medieval times.

    Slick PerspectiveSlick Perspective26 ngày trước

    DavMDavM27 ngày trước
  • Devil May Fantasy: Kingdom Souls Bizarre Adventure

    DavMDavM27 ngày trước
  • FF hit max allways 9999 can't more, i hope this limitless

    Athena KurokageAthena Kurokage28 ngày trước
  • square enix become boring, nihon falcon now is true JRPG

    Leon DũngLeon Dũng28 ngày trước
  • it looks like a very very good game , but is not a Final Fantasy anymore

    NazarioCharlieNazarioCharlie29 ngày trước
  • This looks....terrible. Squeenix: The Final Disappointment

    My Movers Inc MovingMy Movers Inc MovingTháng trước
  • The real title is “Final Game of Devil May Witcher’s Fantasy” Final Fantasy Game of Thrones Devil May Cry And The Witcher 😂

    Keyng GeechKeyng GeechTháng trước
  • Trash anime game

    Ali MiriAli MiriTháng trước
  • eegads. ps5. i feel like I'm in the dark ages here with my secondhand ps2. 😰

    earfullofme1981earfullofme1981Tháng trước
  • FFXV looks a way better than this . 16 looks more like 14 mmo

    the FORESTthe FORESTTháng trước
  • I hear they hire dmc creator to make this ff

    my name is cloud soldiers 1 st name is cloud soldiers 1 st classes.Tháng trước
  • Where is zack's back and where is cloud

    Batil Burn ANIME XBatil Burn ANIME XTháng trước
  • Tbh I am so confused wasnt final fantasy 16 a free online game All the time? And now its a game for console?

    xShii_00xShii_00Tháng trước
  • 2:36 "Hey, What's up Snake." "W-Who!?" "Oh shit, wrong game." *Radiant Plumes out*

    DynoSkrimisherDynoSkrimisherTháng trước
  • Diablo 4: the final fantasy

    elamableelamableTháng trước
  • I Hope That the Trailer Would be Not like the trailer of 15 xDD

    Fernando DeloreFernando DeloreTháng trước
  • Just please don't bind jumping and grabbing items to the same button... Pleaee

    Yes 'Yes 'Tháng trước
  • I got chills watching this even though its all fire

    Celeste OrchidCeleste OrchidTháng trước
  • back to the roots finally?.. hope so

    Dhiego Gustavo Rodrigues SilvaDhiego Gustavo Rodrigues SilvaTháng trước
  • After seeing what theyve done with FFVII remake... They have my blessings to do whatever they want to do.

    Victor VílchezVictor VílchezTháng trước
  • thank you square enix, I’m attracted to more fictional men 0:56 SPECIFICALLY YOU, SIR

    Molly McManusMolly McManusTháng trước
  • garbage why is final fantasy turning medi evil . just remake final fantasy 8

    are nuzzleare nuzzleTháng trước
    • Lol werent the first FF games medievil? this is nothing new.

      Ashen OneAshen One15 ngày trước
  • Everyone talking about the lack of characters, chill... it's the first initial announcement trailer, I guarantee there will be more playable characters, Yoshi-P the producer already stated too that the finished game will look a lot more polished, so wait till they give us more info next year!

    Chad TheallChad TheallTháng trước
  • Odio Playstation tan caro y se lleva lo mejor

    Alfonso López SuárezAlfonso López SuárezTháng trước
  • "FINAL" fantasy...

    MZ F2MZ F2Tháng trước
  • What we know about ff16: taking a graphical dip, some sort of online compatibility, it’s the Witcher now.

    Nooby JimNooby JimTháng trước
  • honestly speaking i am hype this game looks sick as heck. I love this franchise although i didn't start playing until i got ff15 on my ps4 but ever since then i have gone back and played plenty of these games and when i heard ff7 was getting a remake i immediately got the original on my PC so i can experience why people were excited for it. this game can not come soon enough and i can't wait to play it like if you agree.

    Desert DogDesert DogTháng trước
  • At last!!!this final fantasy give us backthe medieval ambient no more future cars and no more floggers takin stupid photos1!!!yeaaaa1!!1!

    Lucas AmoreLucas AmoreTháng trước
  • That Melody at the end when the chorus says "come follow me" *PUTS CHILLS ON MY BODY*

    Setsuna F. SeieiSetsuna F. SeieiTháng trước
  • O God. Here we go again. Looks like we can only play with one character unlike the old fantasy games. It is the new era of whackness.

    turbobenxturbobenxTháng trước
  • Some detail i think everyone don't talk 0:50 a guy crushed by boulder 2:23 there death chocobo corpse 3:17 some blood come from Ifrit attack

    Makhyusni MakhyusniMakhyusni MakhyusniTháng trước
  • Will it be open world? It looks linear

    LazadumLazadumTháng trước
  • Remember old times? When Final Fantasy games were excellent RPG games and not Kingdom Hearts variation...

    Antonio AugustoAntonio AugustoTháng trước
  • The franchise peaked at 6, came close to 6 with 7 and 9 and then steadily got worse ever since. This trailer was depressing.

    XplicitFishinXplicitFishinTháng trước
  • I wanna know what this song is 0:54

    PryorGamingPryorGamingTháng trước
  • Oh God I'm hyped! Although you never know with Square Enix

    Matthieu LeperlierMatthieu LeperlierTháng trước
  • nick fuentes

    matika renee kennedymatika renee kennedyTháng trước
  • The man with tattoo on his face, what did he say to his team?

    Jake mullerJake mullerTháng trước
  • will there be party members?

    Misu SatriyoMisu SatriyoTháng trước
  • Where is noctis

    Mäxrekt 1.0Mäxrekt 1.0Tháng trước
  • Yayy a quest to slay Ifrit 😁

    Touch MeTouch MeTháng trước
  • Bring back Yoshitaka Amano.

    MackckMackckTháng trước
  • Final Fantasy : Game of Throne "I'm gonna have to eat every f**king chocobo in this room."

    Kouji HimuraKouji HimuraTháng trước
  • they keep fucking the franchise up.

    FranFranTháng trước
  • The fact that the main Character is rocking Kuroo Tetsurou's hairstyle really amuses me...maybe because it's the most normal hairstyle i've seen in a final fantasy protagonist in a long time

    Shinigami HanaShinigami HanaTháng trước
  • I'll stick to the FFVII remake

    A AA ATháng trước
  • Thank you square enix, but no gonna wait for 7 remake part 2

    ale pale pTháng trước
  • Nomura fking killed ff for good bravo now without sakugachi the series is going now here

    Jirengames_proJirengames_proTháng trước
  • _the legacy of the crystals_ *grabs crystal tools engine* _has shaped our history_ *uninstall wizard.exe* _for long enough_

    wεw lαdwεw lαdTháng trước
  • Final fantasy game, where main location, China 🇨🇳 or Japan 🇯🇵

    Mr AliuddinMr AliuddinTháng trước
  • I love this the new FF. Finally. I was bored of all those poster boys

    Eneru89Eneru89Tháng trước
  • How will combat work?

    Josh VJosh VTháng trước
  • wtf.. It looks NOTHING like a Final Fantasy game????? Looks like some generic WRPG stuff.

    Zopiklon zzzZopiklon zzzTháng trước
  • is this the new devil may cry?

    paolo iannacepaolo iannaceTháng trước
  • Welp, lets see you again in 10 years folks

    ZanZanTháng trước
  • It looks like Final Fantasy IV with darker themes and a Witcher flair.

    Flerger BergitydershFlerger BergitydershTháng trước
  • He looks like an alternate noctis

    Rejesu 11Rejesu 11Tháng trước
  • Quite excited, but will this be the second major FF in a row without any female party members? (Not counting FFVII, its just a remake).

    Nick PiovesanNick PiovesanTháng trước
  • Take my money

    snbal CPCsnbal CPCTháng trước
  • Anyway, i like it!!!😍

    FabioWorldFabioWorldTháng trước
  • This Final Fantasy game looks pretty epic and great, but I do miss the assortment of playable unique colourful main characters (both female and male) with different personalities and character designs that make them all stand out and make them all very memorable like they were from the older Final Fantasy games. Final Fantasy 13 was like the last non-online Final Fantasy game that offered very unique main characters for playable party members.

    Free Majestic BirdFree Majestic BirdTháng trước
    • @Ronald Wangdra also 13-2 and Lightning Returns. WOFF too if that even counts.

      Lightning ⚡Lightning ⚡16 ngày trước
    • @Ronald Wangdra yeah there were a serious lack of main ff titles between :/

      David-Jon BallingerDavid-Jon BallingerTháng trước
    • "FF13 was like the last..." and there was only FF15 after that. Let that sink in. The time gap between them was so long that it feels like there were more installments in-between, I guess?

      Ronald WangdraRonald WangdraTháng trước
    • Agreed, I also miss the whimsy, the enchantment. The warmth in their games. Yes this game is set in an older time period but it feels very different to the classic feel of final fantasy.

      David-Jon BallingerDavid-Jon BallingerTháng trước
    • Agreed

      Jennifer DziełoJennifer DziełoTháng trước
  • "The Legacy of the Crystals" - you cannot NOT remember Dorkly's "Every JRPG ever".

    Autom4ticAutom4ticTháng trước
    • You mean CollegeHumor?

      Nacho RodríguezNacho RodríguezTháng trước
  • is that normal than it looks better than any ff since XX?

    HeichoHeichoTháng trước
  • ffxv remaked into a new story

    RRTháng trước
  • Wow ... :D can't wait to play this :D

    Fried BurnerFried BurnerTháng trước
  • Не ребята,файнал фэнтези давно перестал был файнал фэнтези,это совсем другая игра и эмоции вызывает совсем иные чем те которые были от более ранних частей.

    Sigmund VolsungSigmund VolsungTháng trước
  • Yeah this doesn’t look like devil may cry at all lmao y’all mad trippin

    leonardo guzmanleonardo guzmanTháng trước
  • i hope this isnt another grimdark "everyone dies, the end" type of story.

    trey crawfordtrey crawfordTháng trước
  • Oh, another boring characters

    Chris RivieraChris RivieraTháng trước
  • graphics could be better

    EntruhEntruhTháng trước
  • To be honest, I do not expect much. I do not like the direction the series took after FF X. Plot and the joy I had from fighting disappeared somewhere. Maybe it is the combat style, from turn-based to live-action. However, the graphics always look great in their games. We shall see what will be born under this title.

    vampir317vampir317Tháng trước
  • I'm liking the fact that the English voice overs are hitting the lips, on the money this time!

    FishermasterFishermasterTháng trước
    • They are so out of sync aha

      David-Jon BallingerDavid-Jon BallingerTháng trước